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Fill in the details of your comment in the fields above. Choose when your comment is written by choosing to write it now, or selecting a specific date and time. Choose which subreddit your comment would be written to, then enter the title of the post you are commenting on, and finally, enter the comment itself, then hit the "predict" button that appears. A neural network will predict how many votes this comment would get on reddit using the context you have entered. This prediction will then be displayed above. A graph will also be displayed that will contain the predictions over the next 24 hours after the specified time. Additionally, every time a space is entered in the comment, a request is sent to generate text to complete the sentence based on highly voted comments. For the moment, only plain text is supported.

A neural network was fed thousands of top-level and second-level comments from reddit's most popular subreddits: todayilearned, worldnews, science, pics, gaming, IAmA, and videos. The neural network was trained to predict the number of votes a comment would get. Another neural network was trained with a subset of these comments that were highly voted to generate text.

This app was created by reddit user thecomputerscientist, and the source code can be found on this project's GitHub page